5G Networks and IoT

Industrial revolution 4.0 is affecting all aspects of life. New technologies are born very quickly. In which, 5G Networks and IoT are two hot keywords in today’s world, and are being applied more and more widely. You must have heard them mentioned on social media before.  So what is 5G? What is IoT? What do these two things concern with each other and what are their effects? Today, let’s explore 5G Networks and IoT in detail with Speranza.

1. What is IoT?

IoT stands for “Internet of Things”, which describes a system of physical devices that are connected through the Internet. These devices can range from smart home appliances like printers, television, wearables to sophisticated industrial machinery and tools. With many sensors, embedded software & other technologies, they can exchange data with each other or other IoT systems without human intervention.

Internet of Things

IoT connects everything in the world. (Source: https://mobitool.net/iot-la-gi.html)

An IoT system consists of 4 main components: Things, Gateways, Network and Cloud, Services-creation, and Solution Layers. Building this is not easy, because of many strict requirements, for example, each of things must have an identifier, the system needs to be able to manage, secure, collaborate,…

2. Explore 5G Networks.

A. 5G Network definition and statistics

5G Network or the fifth generation of mobile technology is the latest generation of mobile networks after the previous(1G, 2G, 3G&4G). It uses high-frequency ultrasonic waves, designed to allow connections between people and devices, something no network has before.

Here are some incredible data about 5G networks:

– Speed can reach 10 Gbp/s, even at the edge of coverage, the speed can still reach from 1 to several hundred Mbp/s. Users can download a 2-hour movie in 10 seconds.

– Ping can go down to 10 ms, even zero under perfect conditions.

– The 5G network connection density is set at 1 million connected devices per square kilometer.

B. How 5G Networks Impact the IoT Revolution

First, 5G networks will accelerate the growth of IoT by providing faster data transfer speeds (average 10 times faster than 4G). Communication latency(ping) will be reduced to a very low level compared to the previous generation. The bandwidth of 5G is also 10 times higher than 4G in terms of the number of devices connected in a network

5G networks

5G helps devices in IoT systems transmit data perfectly. (Source: https://www.thegioimaychu.vn/blog/tong-hop/iot-so-hoa-hom-nay-vi-mot-tuong-lai-van-vat-ket-noi-p207/)

Over time, the global IoT system will thrive with many devices and requires high precision such as medical care, self-driving cars, industrial automation, etc. Only 5G networks that are specifically designed and possess outstanding advantages can meet this demand.

3. How 5G and IoT will change people’s lives.

According to Oracle, the global now has about 10 billion IoT devices, with a vision to reach 30 billion by 2025, a huge number showing the spread of IoT. A study indicates that consumers will spend more than $14 trillion on IoT devices and services by 2026. And many large corporations will use more connected devices to monitor operations and optimize workflows. The top three IoT solutions for business are anticipated: remote monitoring, asset tracking, and smart facility management.

At the same time, 5G Networks is also being strongly invested with about 1/5 countries in the world deploying. In Vietnam, Viettel and Vinaphone are researching 5G networks, in Ho Chi Minh city now the smartphone 5G can catch the signal.

Governments are investing in 5G and IoT solutions, the goal is building smart cities with IoT infrastructure using 5G. This helps reduce crime rates, allows small businesses to thrive, and improves the state of the environment.

smart lock devices

Smart lock devices using IoT. (Source: https://lockernlock.vn/?lang=en)


Through the article, we have learned together about the 5G network and IoT, which is forecasted to be the future technology of the world. Possessing more than 5 years of experience in the industry, Speranza is proud to provide IoT Consulting and IoT App Development services, bringing IoT to everyone. With the strength of smart storage systems, vending machine control software, CCTV & smart lock systems based on Zigbee technology, we always try to meet domestic as well as wide demand rather than international.

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